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Entry of capital letters by mistake:

Easy Caps anticipates the problem by reminding you that your keyboard is set for capital letters as soon as you start typing, with Word, Excel, Open Office, Power Point, Internet, Emails, etc.

Audio alert: bell

When you activate the upper case option, you receive an audio warning. If you stop typing… and then start again, Easy Type will warn you once again! The same happens when you start a new paragraph, change boxes in a spreadsheet program or enter an invisible password! A different sound will inform you when you deactivate the Upper case option.

Visual alerts:

If you are typing in upper case, an Easy Type logo Icon Logo will follow your cursor. If the sound is low, an orange alert Icon star will inform you of the operations if . All these adjustments can be disabled or set up very simply.

Easy Type can be downloaded and installed easily, in a trial version that is free for seven days. After that time, you will be able to buy it by making an online payment. You can also buy it straight away!

Setting options